uBlock Origin

You can get uBlock Origin here.

uBlock Origin is another option for blocking ads. After installation there should be no further configuration required, the add-on will configure itself.


To access uBlock Origin there will be a new toolbar button that looks like this. uBlock Icon


Clicking on it will result in a menu that looks like this.uBlock Menu


  • The blue button will turn the ad-block on and off per browser session.
  • Clicking on the version number in the top bar will bring you to the advanced settings page.
  • Clicking on the dropper will bring you to the cosmetic blocking tool. The cosmetic blocking tool will allow you to block certain portions of a webpage permanently.
  • The table button next to the dropper will open the network analyzer, which is unimportant to the average user. The number and percentage below these buttons will report how many ads were detected on the page. You can see the total amount of ads caught under the Since Install category.
  • The Domains Connected category shows the amount of third-party domains you are connecting to. For example, a webpage that connects to Twitter to receive a Twitter feed counts as a Domain. Pressing the + button will bring you to the advanced Domain menu.