Tab For A Cause

Tab For A Cause is an independent extension that donates to charity for every tab that you open. You also have a Home Tab page that you can customize with bookmarks, notes, and news going on about other charity events!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to the Tab For A Cause website > Get the App > Add Extension


2. You can sign up with any e-mail – even your school e-mail – it will also ask you for a username.

3. Awesome! You now have a page that you can customize

Here’s what you get on your page

Unnamed image (7)


Notifications – Updates about things in the world or facts about your donations

Unnamed image (2)







Unnamed image (8)


Settings – Here you can change your background and add widgets, such as bookmarks, sticky notes, and a google calendar

Customize your New Tab page to something for you!


Unnamed image (6)


Unnamed image (9)


Community – shows rankings of other Tabbers and how much those donations are really worth



Unnamed image (4)

After collecting all those hearts, you can donate them to a charity in need!

Unnamed image (5)

I hope you use this extension and happy Tabbing!