You can get pocket here

Pocket is a Google Extension which allows you to bookmark and organize webpages, articles, and more by tags making research projects easier.

  1. Go into the Google Chrome store and enable the extension called Pocket. Then in a new tab, click the Pocket icon or go to getpocket.com to create your Pocket account.
  2. Open a page or article that you want to pocket. Then click the Pocket Extension in the upper right hand corner of your screen


3. Once you click the icon, it will illuminate pink to show the page is pocketed. You can then add tags


4. You can add tags to categorize your pages / articles that you save so they are organized and easier to find later.

5. To see what you have pocketed, open a new tab and click the grey Pocket icon in the upper right hand corner or go to getpocket.com


6. You will see a list of all the things you have pocketed. To see everything by tags, click the tags potion on the menu on the left side


7. From there click the tag that you want to view. In my case, I only want to view my guitar songs to learn.


8. Now I see only my guitar chords, pages, and articles I bookmarked under my songs to learn. You can also use Pocket to look at only articles, videos, and/or pictures.



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