If you think back to Computer Apps class back in middle school, you may recall a unit on a program called Symbaloo. This website was pretty cool; it let you make bookmarks like on a smartphone home screen, but it was required for you to learn the website and most people just automatically hate things they are forced to do.

But now, in 2015, Symbaloo has received a fresh set of updates that makes it even better then ever.


To get symbaloo, go to and create a free account. Then, go into your browser settings and set Symbaloo as your home page. From here, you should have a blank sheet ready for all your bookmarks. For more professional results like the one shown above, you can click an empty space on the sheet and follow the onscreen instructions to make your new bookmark. Otherwise you can click here to get a chrome extension that automates this process.

Symbaloo is great, because it is essentially an infinite number of “Home” buttons, where your favorite website is one click away. It is fast, efficient, and is great for keeping yourself organized. I personally use it daily, and think it is the best home page website possible. But don’t just take my word for it, try it for free at and see for yourself!