Kahoot is a game show type quiz website that allows you to create multiple choice quizzes that you then can play in a game type format. You can create a quiz here.

  1. Once you log on or create an account you will see an option at the top of the screen called New K!
  2. If you click on this it will bring you to a page where you can create a new Kahoot
  3. You will get greeted with 3 options, Quiz, Discussion, and Survey
  4. This tutorial will be on the Quiz option.
  5. Once you click on the Quiz it will prompt you to give your quiz a name
  6. Then it will take you to a screen that will look like this

Unnamed image (10)

  • Add an Image or video
    • This allows you to have an image or a video play while your question is up on the screen
  • Time Limit
    • This allows you to set how much time can be spent on your question
  • Whether or not an answer is correct
    • Here you can have more than 1 correct answer
  1. Once you finished click the save and continue button
    1. This will bring you to a page that you can set the language, Primary audience, add a description, add a difficulty level, and add tags to your quiz.
  2. Once you like the settings that you have click save and continue again. Or press edit questions to go back to your questions
  3. Almost done! All you have to do is either add a cover image, add a YouTube video, or let Kahoot add an image for you that people will see when they are loading into your game.