Google Sheets

In Google Sheets you can automatically make Google Sheets add or divide numbers. I’m going to be using an example of if you are trying to add in grades into Google Sheets but you only have the grades in fraction form, not percentage form.

  1. Normally what you would have to do is grab a calculator and figure out the percentage grade before you add them into Sheets.
  2. Instead, you can use a tool called spreadsheet functions
  3. You don’t need to install a separate app or anything. Sheets automatically has this enabled by default.
  4. For this example I will be using a list of numbers that I already madeUnnamed image (8)
  5. Insert the top number of the fraction into row A. Order is important.
  6. Insert the bottom number of the fraction into row B. Order is also important.
  7. Paste =DIVIDE(A:A, B:B) into all of the columns of row C and press enter.
  8. You now have all of the percents without having to use a calculator.


The DIVIDE function is just one of many functions that Google Sheets has. For a full list and more instructions on how to use each of the functions you can look here.


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