Meet the Tech Force

Macayla Posey

Hello, my names Macayla, I’m currently a sophomore. This is my first year trying out and working for the Tech Force. When I first signed up for this class I wasn’t sure what to expect, but since I’ve been in this class for almost 1st quarter I’m enjoying it more and more and learning new things everyday.

Would I recommend this class to others? Yes, I would totally recommend this class to others! You don’t need to be shy if you don’t know much about computers, I dont know alot. As the days go on you learn things you probably never knew and that’s what makes this class a great class to be in. You help people on a daily, and it makes not only their day better, but yours too.

Nate Valentine

Hi, my name is Nate and I am a senior who is in the library for my fourth year. I enjoy playing online games (mainly RTS style games like League of Legends), but I also do a lot of various misc stuff on the side. If I would have to pick one phrase to describe myself it would be a Jack of all trades. I’ve done work with 3d modeling, programming, animation, I’ve taken apart and fixed a pinball machine (mostly fixed), I’ve assembled a 3d printer, done things for and with the robotics club here at the high school, and many more. However the one thing that I’ve always come back to was electronics and electric circuit design. That’s why next year I plan to go into Electrical Engineering, with a subfocus on research within Nanoelectronics. Nanoelectronics works to make the CPU’s inside computers smaller and smaller while putting more transistors into the chip all while making it cheaper and run cooler.

Daniel Otchere

Hi, my name is Daniel, I work in third hour student help desk and I’m a freshman at MFHS. STEM subjects are subjects I love and do best at, so I gladly accepted the opportunity to help people with computers and technological issues. In my free time I like to do math, read, and practicing basic coding in HTML and CSS. I believe that having a deep understanding of technology will help me with whatever path I choose to take in life.

Nate Pirc

Hi my name is Nathan but I like to be called Nate. I work in the Tech Force at the library or LMC during 7th hour. If you ever need any help come down and I can assist you on anything you need help desk is teaching me to assist in certain types of problems.I am new I will always be there to help and give it my best shot. I am very motivated, and enthusiastic. I can’t wait to assist you on any programs you might have.

Evan Merlock

Hi – I’m Evan, and this is my senior year at MFHS, and also my fourth year working for the Tech Force. I’m well known for my ability to work with computers, and if you see me in the halls, don’t be afraid to ask for help. My hobbies include coding and playing video games such as The Witcher 3, Warframe, and Path of Exile. I’m primarily a PC gamer, although I do own a Nintendo Switch and a 3DS. After high school I’m looking to enter either MIT or the University of Minnesota Twin Cities for computer science, and electrical engineering.

Nathan Willer

Hi, my name is Nathan. I’m a Junior this year. I enjoy reading books about history. I also like listening to music. The reason I joined the Tech Force this year is to further my understanding of computers and improve my ability to troubleshoot. I’ve always liked working on desktops, and I love seeing how they work. I think I’m pretty lucky to be exposed to learning opportunities involving technology, because it’s an industry that seems to be growing more and more each year.

Ben Mueller

Hi, my name is Ben Mueller and I am a junior who works in the library during hour 5AB. I love working with technology, and hope to either become an engineer or a computer programmer. If you happen to have me in any of your classes feel free to ask for help, I will do my best to answer any questions that you might have. I enjoy steam games such as Overwatch, League of Legends, and Dying light.

Jack Dedrick

Hi, my name is Jack Dedrick and I this is my first year at MFHS and in the tech force. I’m looking forward to further my knowledge in technology and meeting new people. My primary focus in the Tech Force is Video Editing and Production. My goals are to hopefully record athletic events in the future, and to be able to produce a middle level quality video using Final Cut Pro. The main reason I joined the Tech Force is because technology is the future and it’s never too late to learn!

Stephen Schneider

My name is Stephen Schneider. I am in my second year of high school. I love to take care of animals and I like to help people if I can. I love to play video games and I like to read every so often. I care about my education and I am planning to move back to Michigan after I’m done with highschool. I am planning to go to a community college and then later when I have enough money I want to go to a 4 year college.

Karanveer Singh

Hi, my name is Karanveer Singh and I am a junior. This is my third year at MFHS and has been an amazing experience so far. This school year I decided to try something different and join the Tech Force. I knew most basic things about computer hardware so I thought it would be a good option, and I was right. The renovated library looks absolutely phenomenal and I am looking forward to working in it as well as looking forward to helping students with equipment malfunction – any software or hardware problems, as well as learning new things in the process. In my free time I like to help others build and sell PC’s along with playing GTA V and many other games.