Laptop Care Tips


Here are some helpful tips to keep your Chromebook working properly:

  1. If something is not working, first restart your computer.
    • Most issues fix themselves if you restart your computer
  2. If there is an issue with your Chromebook, bring it to the library.
    • We will help you here.
  3. Do not install extra programs or Extensions.
    • If you need something installed for a class, bring your laptop to the library and we’ll take care of it.
  4. Do not carry your computer by the screen.
    • This causes casing damage which is expensive!
  5. Do not keep papers or other things in your computer like pencils or pens.
    • If you forget about these papers or pencils and close your laptop you may cause casing damage, which is expensive
  6.  Shut down your computer every day!
  7. Do not use someone else’s computer.

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Student Responsibility Statement

Laptop Care Tips

Tech Support

Tips for using your school laptop

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