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Lately some of the school computers have been crashing and showing a blue screen. If your computer does this, don’t worry, we are aware of the issue. Just restart your computer. If it happens again after you restarted your computer, bring it down to the library and we will tell you what to do. If your computer does blue screen it will look like the photo at the top of the page.

**Update**  The technicians pushed out an update to our anti-virus software.  Students will see a message telling them they need to restart their computers for the updates to complete.  The updates will fix the blue screen issue.

Can’t see your laptop image on your screen?

Teachers – have you ever docked your laptop in a different room and wondered why the image won’t show on the screen?  This can happen when the projector you are connecting to is different from the projector in your classroom.

It only takes a few steps to reset your graphics properties.



Helpful Tips – How to Avoid Internet Issues

Having issues connecting to the internet at school and/or at home ? There is a quick fix for these issues that you can do yourself.

Simply shut down your computer before you leave school and before you come back to school to avoid issues connecting to the internet. Shutting down your computer between home and school is the quickest way to assure that your computer will connect to the correct network when you are changing places where you are using your laptop.

And as always most internet issues can be fixed with internet just by restarting your computer. If that doesn’t work, then we are here to help you fix your internet issues at the help desk in the library.

Schoology App is the BEST

Instead of pulling out your student laptop, booting it up, logging in, blah blah blah, just go to the Schoology app to look up that math homework key, the already-filled calendar of assessments coming up, or  Ms. Kossow’s daily announcements. Schoology is already great as is, this app just makes it all the more convenient!

Google Play Store

Apple Store

Issues Connecting to the Internet

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Recently there has been a rise in issues connecting to the internet. Luckily this is an easy fix you can do yourself.

First, disconnect & reconnect from SDMF-SECURE2 from your taskbar in the bottom right hand corner. Give the internet some time to connect, as for this could take a minute or two.

If this does not work try restarting your computer. This typically solves most internet issues. Also make sure you are connected to secure 2 if you are using a school-issued laptop, or secure 3 if you are using your own personal device.

Schoology Timezone Change

Have you noticed that your calendar events have the wrong time? All students need to change their timezone in Schoology because it defaults to New York.  Follow these steps:

1.Log into Schoology

2.Go to the top right corner by your name, click the down arrow then go to Account Settings

3.Scroll down to Timezone and change it to America/Chicago

4. Save changes