Google Extension: ToDoist

ToDoist is a Chrome and Firefox extension and web-application that will keep your tasks straight. Beyond allowing you to track tasks in the browser through an extension, it also allows you to store tasks on a mobile app and syncs everything quickly and easily. I use it daily to keep my homework and personal projects in check, with deadlines and more. To use the extension, simply install it from Chrome and login using a Google Account. Next, you can easily add tasks to your “inbox” by clicking Add Task next to the day. Furthermore, you can specify projects that you can organize your tasks in. For example, I have a project for all of my school work and individual projects for each of my programs that I work on. ToDoist is pretty smart because it can easily recognize dates. Even better, if any task is overdue, it will show up at the top of your list and ask you if you would like to reschedule. It has a smart rescheduler where it will attempt to match the tasks to where you would like to put them. In order to track how well you are using ToDoist, it uses a system known as the Karma System. As you complete tasks, your Karma will increase. If you let tasks stay for too long, your Karma will begin to go down. Karma doesn’t affect anything, but I still enjoy it as a physical reminder of how well I’m doing. ToDoist is free, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pay for premium: it’s only $28.99 and it can be very helpful. ToDoist Premium adds a log of everything you’ve done, allowing you to see completed tasks, deferred tasks, deleted tasks, and so forth. Premium also adds the ability to share projects with other people, comment on tasks, have custom filters for tasks, and label tasks with a specific category. However, the extension, website, and mobile app are all free and incredibly helpful in my everyday life to keep things organized no matter where I go.


Here is a screenshot of the extension when I first open it: Main Interface ToDoIst

When I add a task, and the resulting addition:

Add Task ScreenshotAdded Task

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