Sid Meier’s Civilization 5


Civilization V is the fifth game in the Civilization series. The Civilization games are these turn based strategy games where you have to manage all aspects of your civilization while still trying to become the largest and most powerful civilization in the world.

You play against a variety of different leaders from various periods in time. There are 43 civilization that you can play against, each with their own leader and special thing about them. These leaders can range anywhere from Napoleon, Genghis Khan, too a nuke happy Gandhi.

You don’t have to conquer all of the known world to win, there are multiple ways to win the game. You could be the first civilization to launch a spaceship. You could advance your culture enough to create a utopia for all. Or you can just have the highest valued civilization at the year 2050.

The main thing that separates Civilization V from the other Civilization games are that the tiles are hexagonal shape instead of the usual rectangular shape. This leads too more strategic raids and battles, as you can’t just shove all your troops on one tile and win by sheer numbers. It emphasizes the strategic core that all Civilization games have. It takes a while to get used to everything that’s involved in the game. But even before you get used to everything the game wont feel boring. You could play the game 100 times and each game would end differently. It’s a huge game that is worth the $50.00.


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