Minecraft is a sandbox game in the purest sense. You can go around and build whatever you want, wherever you want without having too worry about a main story line. It’s one of those games that can mold itself too your unique playstyle. It also has one of the biggest modding communities in the gaming world! Minecraft is the type of game that you could play for years and still not be bored.

There are four modes that come with default Minecraft. Adventure mode, Survival mode, Hardcore mode, and Creative mode. Each of these modes allows you to play the game differently than the other 3 modes. I’m going to skip over explaining what adventure mode is as it is very rarely used.

Survival mode is a mode where you have to chop down trees and build your house. The game gives you a basic story line too follow. All of which leads up to this final fight with a dragon. But I’m not going to say to much about that. You have to get food, build a house, and when night time comes, fight off monsters.

Hardcore mode is a lot like survival mode in the sense that you have limited resources, however it is supercharged. The game locks you on the hardest difficulty, punishing you for every mistake you make. Leaving you to fend for yourself every night. And once you die, the game deletes your save game. Permanently.

Last and most certainly not least, we have Creative mode. In Creative mode you get to fly around and build whatever you want. It’s impossible for you to die in Creative mode. In addition to flying around everywhere you have no restrictions on how many blocks you can place, you have infinite resources.

Creative mode is the mode where people have built truly mind boggling things. People have built full cities in Minecraft. A group of people even attempted, and succeeded, to build a full scale replica of New York City itself! Another person even took on the task of building a working 16 bit computer in Minecraft! Both of those creations had millions, if not billions, of blocks placed individually!

King's Landing.jpg

(Replica of King’s Landing from Game of Thrones in Minecraft)


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