Welcome to the Falls Tech Force

Colton Brittany Collin Evan Trinity Sam Joey Adi Nate AJ Amanda FTF


Have a computer issue with a school provided laptop? Want to know more about programs that are already on your school laptop? We have solutions for any problems that you might encounter with the school laptops. You can find the blog posts that have fixes for common issues here. This can save you from a trip down to the library!

What can we help with?

  • Schoology
  • Google (Docs, Drive, Slides, Classroom, ect.)
  •  Projectors and SmartBoards
  • Computer and other technology issues
  • Student laptop issues
  • Equipment set up for meetings or in classrooms
  • Video editing
  • Library assistance
  • 1:1 tech support for both students and teachers
  • Tutorials on apps and programs for the computers (See our Quick Tutorials page to see what programs we have tutorials for)

Who is available to help each hour?

Hr 1: Collin Dedrick

Hr 2: Trinity Fuentes & Joey Pipia

Hr 3: Nate Valentine

Hr 4BC: Amanda Pape

Hr 5C: Sam Schlipp

Hr 6: Evan Merlock

Hr 7:  Adi Ojha  & AJ Eibes & Colton Carlino

Hr 8: Brittany Mis

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